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Life has become more stressful now than it has ever been before. We are busy and live demanding lives. In addition to that, we often hold very demanding positions in our professional lives. Stress injuries happen regularly at work. They can be caused be a demanding work environment and take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. They can also take place because we were the victims of a violent act or because we have witnessed such an act.

Stress Cases Lawyer in Inland Empire

Today, workers' are pushed to their limits not just physically, but also mentally. With highly stressful and fast-paced work environments, it’s no wonder people are pushing themselves to work harder and faster in the workplace, as well as work overtime. Additionally, with the advancement of technology and the boom of the digital age, the pressure to keep up and stay connected can lead to very strained emotions.

When it comes to emotional distress, there are two categories that you can sue an employer for: Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress (NIED). With this type of emotional distress, you could sue if your employer acted negligently or violated the duty of care to not cause severe emotional stress in the workplace.

You ordinarily cannot file a lawsuit against your employer because of workers’ compensation laws (which are in place in every state), but the workers’ compensation system does provide a remedy to injured employees.

Some of the factors that commonly cause work-related stress include:
  • Long hours.
  • Heavy workload.
  • Changes within the organisation.
  • Tight deadlines.
  • Changes to duties.
  • Job insecurity.
  • Lack of autonomy.
  • Boring work.

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